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Kyle Brownbridge is a Founding Member of the Young Human Club. In this blog post, he explains his motivation for participating in the Growth Train Project and shares his experiences thus far.

The story of Kyle and his Growth Train Experience

You’ve got mail!

How many times have you responded to an email with the subject line “Invitation”? I haven’t, except for this one time.

Thursday, Nov 12 2020 when I had an email arrived in my inbox, Its Subject line, “Invitation”

Now, I have had my fair share of automated email onboarding funnels... but this one felt slightly different. It felt as if there was someone real behind this email.

A few weeks before...

Me listening to a podcast on my way to work. One of my favorite mentors, Chris Do interviews someone called Randy Herman in a podcast “Stop thinking, start doing.“

How Kyle discovered the Young Human Club by listing the Futur Podcast

One line from that podcast really caught my attention.

“If we want to do something we have never done before, its impossible for us to understand what is we need to do without first doing it.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Wait... what... first do and then understand? Have we had the order wrong all this time?

From school I was taught, you have to learn something before you can do anything. It’s not the first time I have heard this angle on the mindset route. Thinking less and doing more, but to put it so bluntly, made me really think.

So many people want to learn a new skill, start a new business, or change careers. Then they embark on a long journey of trying to understand before ever doing anything about it. Usually not doing anything about it. We live in a world oversaturated with information. Anything you want to know is out there. There is nothing hidden. The only thing left for you .... is to do.

Struggling with too much information

This was my problem. Listening to podcasts on my way to work, to a job where I wasn't actually doing anything. Somehow hoping that by listening to podcasts, I would be learning something, for the one day that I would do something.

So that day I tried something new.

I started doing.

Joining the Growth Train

Back to the email. “invitation” From Randy to the Young Human Growth Train -.

My usual response to these types of emails. is Thinking. Thinking this an automated email. The author isn't real, and I am going to get pitched on a digital course with the next mail.

But no, how about I stop thinking and started doing.

This is how I joined the Young human Growth Train, and ever since, I have been doing more than ever before.

In a short few months, I have landed clients 3 times the usual fees I would charge, I have the confidence to talk to hire tiered clients, and have positioned myself to do the work that I want, with the people that I want. I can only be thankful for replying to that “invitation” email.

Kyle’s Experience in the Growth Train

Kyle explains his thoughts for joining the growth train and the insights he applied to his own business

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