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Koen Vaessen

📝 A recap from the first Monthly Meetup with the Young Human Club

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The Monthly Meetup is an initiative of the Young Human Club. An online Business Club for Entrepreneurs, Experts, and Digital-Service Providers to work together and make change happen.

This blog is a recap of what happened during the first Monthly Meetup, written by Koen Vaessen, who runs The Vegan Academy, and a founding member of the #YHClub

It’s Thursday the 28th of January at 17.00m and after three months of hard work it’s time for the first Monthly Meetup. I was staring at my screen in full anticipation of what will be coming. How many people will show up? Will they enjoy this meet-up And most of all, will they actually get value out of it?

Knowing this was our first meet-up, I didn't expect anyone to show up. Because we only send 2 emails to a list of 500 people.

However, four people joined us, and here's what happened.

The first 15 minutes

After a short introduction about the various meet-up tables, we quickly explained how “Airmeet”, the software we use to run the Monthly Meet-up, works and went into a few rounds of speed-networking.

Waiting to be matched-up with another human being

Just like speed-dating, only less awkward, we randomly matched with one of the other attendees to break the ice.

Resulting in some laughs, a few quick anecdotes, and a general idea of who the other person was.

Pro tip: Make sure to fire your best questions straight away. Because after just 5 minutes you will be automatically matched with the next person.

Now the tone was set, everyone went back into the main area. Here we watched a short presentation about The Young Human and what everyone can expect from us.

The Official First Introduction

The introduction video made by Arnik was a real show stopper and met with a lot of positive feedback

Monthly Meetup Introduction Video made by Arnik Schenk

And now the real work started.

The Prioritization Workshop

We hosted a 30-minute workshop to show the attendees how we collaborate on an online whiteboard called “Miro” with the goal to better understand why they showed-up today, and most of all, to figure out what’s most important for them?

Participants working LIVE in Miro

Splitting up in expert tables

Now we know what would be most valuable for every participant, we assign tables with experts to start conversions around these topics.

For an hour, we went deep into discussing various topics. From accountability to life purpose and passion, and business growth.

We used LeanStack to build a Traction Model & Roadmap

It was interesting to get to know people so quickly on a deeper level. Being able to work together towards a solution for the specific questions and problems.

Everyone agreed that the first Meet-up was a real success. 3 out of 4 people even took the time to send us back a review after the event was over.

The new connections and helpfulness from everyone involved got mentioned as one of the key benefits of this Meet-up. Someone even called it “Magical” to be able to connect with people from all over the world like this.

Talking about Business Growth and Innovation

For the next meetups

Overall our first Monthly Meet-up was a huge success and got an NPS Score of 8 out of 10. With that being said, there are plenty of things we can do better like fine-tune our processes and have more structure so we can provide more value during the workshop without being distracted.

We also need more people to join this community of change-makers.
We will make this into the #1 place for people to work together and make change happen.

Join the Monthly Meetup in February

Does this look like fun to you? Then join us for the next Monthly Meetup, Thursday, the 25th of February.

Click here to signup.

That’s it for the first Monthly Meetup. We look forward to seeing you soon.

With gratitude,
Koen from the Young Human Club

Monthly Meetup Recap