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The Journey of High Impact Leadership

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So you want to make a meaningful difference in the world and transform lives. Where do you start? That was my question over 3 years ago and in this blog I will share my findings with you.

Your Vision

To create something out of nothing you first need a vision. You have to know where you are going, otherwise, how will you decide where to put your energy and what success will look like for you?

Step 1 is to generate clarity.

The problem with any Vision (or goal) is that you can only create what you see right now. When you grow, you learn and see new ways so your Vision will change too.

Don't take your own Vision to seriously...

Putting your vision on paper is just an exercise. It's a useful tool to give you direction and make effective choices.

The most important aspect of a Vision is the 'WHY' factor.
Why do you want to do this?
What's the bigger reason behind your vision?

If you can connect with your Purpose (your why), the road to get there doesn't matter anymore.

High-Impact vs Making an Impact

Every Entrepreneur (Leader) makes a difference in the world. The only way to build a sustainable business is by providing more value than you ask for. Therefor, every Entrepreneur/Leader makes an Impact.

High-Impact Entrepreneurs not only provide value in a market place but, they also use the value they receive to do something bigger than themselves. They take their profits and use it to fuel their bigger purpose.

A Roadmap

Every Leader has the same amount of hours in a day. The leaders that get ahead of the curve are the ones that know how to focus their energy on the right actions at the right time.

Understanding the road ahead of you will make it easier for you to navigate and focus.

Below you see the journey I mapped out with a clear description of each stage.

The Journey of High Impact Leadership

Stage 1: The Seeker

You want to do something but are not committed to anything yet. Prioritise your ideas and get focussed.

Stage 2: The Start-up

You know what you want to do but struggle to get clients. Develop a launch strategy and build the foundation of your digital story. Your goal is to get a product/market fit.

Stage 3: The Hustler

You are making money but it's a grind. You make long hours, are wearing too many hats and are looking to scale your business so that you can create freedom to pursue bigger goals.

Stage 4: The Successful (Your First B)

Your Business is making enough money to be sustainable. Every decision you make is now a choice. You are living the dream, doing what you love without any restrictions. The real fun is about to start!

Stage 5: The Student

Now you don't have to work inside of your business it's time to work on your vision. Seek out mentors and experts to learn and grow into the person you need to become to realize your vision. Build new skills and grow mentally, physically and spiritually so that you prepare yourself for the next level.

Stage 6: The Activist

It's time to take it to the Next Level and grow Your Impact in the world. Connect with your tribe and take them with you on this journey. You can't do everything alone. Gather the people together, build the team and become the leader you need to become to realize your vision.

Stage 7: The Leader

The foundation is there. You and your team are truly making a difference in the world. Every day you get closer to realising your Purpose. Take a step back and truly focus on your people. How can you help yourself and your team get what you all need so that everyone can grow and reach new levels of success and happiness?

Stage 8: The Philanthropist (Your Big B)

You Did it! You are making the world a better place and are living your bigger Purpose. Now, what's your strategy? Is there more work to be done? Does it run by itself? Can you do more? Do you want to do more? What's your next move?


No matter what stage you are in you can always help people to become better by sharing your experience and the lessons you learned from them. Just be mindful not to teach people anything they don't ask for and don't pretend to be an expert in something you never did successfully.

As a rule of thumb, if you did it successfully and you have good intentions without agenda, helping other people to become better is always a good idea!


Why I share this with you is because you might read a book about how to increase your sales and grow your business but if you don't have a solid product that's on the market, you are wasting your time. Every non-fiction bestseller contains golden nuggets but if they are no the nuggets that you need today, you are wasting your time.

That's why it's so important to understand in what stage you are operating right now.

Once you break down your own journey you can decide what's most important for you to focus on.

What stage are you in right now and what should you focus on? Let me know in the comments down below and I wish you the best of luck on your Journey!!! :-)

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