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Everything you need to know about the Young Human Club for 2021

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The Young Human Club is an online business club for Change-Makers that want to 10x their profit, freedom, and friendships so we can create meaningful impact together.
We offer a community of peers with meetups, workshops, and events to help you realize your bigger goals in life and business.

#YHCLUB: Online Business Club for Change-Makers

The Young Human Club is the #1 place for Eco+ entrepreneurs, experts, and digital service providers to work together and make change happen.

We support them in their journey of designing building, managing, and growing their business online while making friends along the way!

Our primary focus is on building a culture of innovation that provides a safe space for people to experiment, learn and share their ideas.

The ultimate goal is to serve everyone that wants to make money doing what they love while building a more Eco+ Inclusive world but before we can do that, we have to focus on the people who already make an impact today.

How we help you realize your goals

We a team of experts on a variety of topics we can offer support in both life and business. From self-love to data analytics, the Young Human Club offers a holistic approach to life & business.

In the club, we help you set clear goals using OKRs and offer accountability. We put the process of personal growth first and help you build the skills and habits you need to realize your vision.

And most importantly, this is an opportunity to build new meaningful friendships and develop a strong network for your life & business.

Monthly Meetups

Every last Thursday of the month from 17:00 - 19:00, Amsterdam Time, we host our monthly meetup where we focus on a specific topic for 20 minutes. After that, we break into tables and give you the opportunity to talk about whatever is on your mind that day.

Monthly Meetup Introduction Video

As we grow we will segment these tables based on what would be most valuable to each member so that the right people are on the right table at the right time to help and inspire you.

For 2021, all Monthly Meetups are free. Click here to sign-up

Read a review from the first monthly meetup here

The Club

The only way we can build a real ‘club’ where you want to come back to every single month is if you respect, trust, and like the other members in there. We need a solid foundation before we let too many people in.

That’s why the only way to gain access is by joining the Monthly Meetups.

The Growth Train

Great teams deliver results without needing much guidance because they educate and push themselves to achieve their goals. To get there, you need clarity & alignment so that every member knows who is working on what, why it’s important, why it’s urgent, and how their work impacts our bigger goals.

Play in the real world

The best way to learn and grow is by doing. That’s why we offer our members a chance to experiment and learn in the Growth Train. Here’s a short clip from Kyle talking about his experience in the Growth Train.

In the Growth Train, you develop your skill set, work as a team, and make decisions that actually impact the business results.

Join the Growth Train

If you are interested in joining the Growth Train Team then signup for our next Monthly Meetup by clicking here.

Our plans for 2021

This year we focus on building the foundation of the Club with our Monthly Meetups, one major event, and an engaging community of change-makers who can collaborate together to help each other succeed in life & business.

Our early adopters are people who already make money online with their business, or by sharing their expertise, or by providing services to help businesses succeed online.

We also offer coaching and workshops with Eco+ businesses to build high-performing cultures and leverage technology to 10x their impact & profit.

See you soon!

Thank you for reading all the way until here. 2021 is going to be a year of building and learning. We openly share everything on our social media and

Sign-up here to our Monthly Meetups for free and I hope to welcome you in our next Monthly Meetup

In the Media

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